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The Sales is in Directly Proportional with Branding - BeeGroup Consulting... :)

  • Lead GENERATION 323 Reviews 7.8/10
  • Channel SALES 76 Reviews 8/10
  • Digital SALES 223 Reviews 9.1/10
  • Collaborative Sales 252 Reviews 9/10

Lead Generation : Creating Prospective Future

Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to scoring to conversion we stand with your Business.
  • Spiritual Quotient | Psychological Quotient | Intellectual Quotient | Emotional Quotient - Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and Brand communication also nurturing. From lead generation to scoring to conversion, we support you.

  • Sales Channel Management:

    • Business Process Improvement
    • Customer Targeting
    • Sales Performance Measurement
    • Cold, Warm & Hot Lead Formation
    • key Account Management
    • Recurring Sales Strategy
    Optimal Conversion & Retention
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    Channel Sales : The Distribution Network that provides ample growth

  • The right Sales Strategy lets you put all the right things at meaningful long term relationships with your Present also future prospective customers.

  • Our Sales Service

    • we specialize in servicing B2B and B2C customers that have complex solution-based sales cycles and distribution channels.
      1. SPIN Selling
      2. N.E.A.T. Selling
      3. Conceptual Selling
      4. SNAP Selling
      5. The Challenger Sale
      6. The Sandler System
      7. CustomerCentric Selling
      8. MEDDIC

    Why BeeGroup Sales Consultant needed ?

    • Increase Sales Lead
    • Develop Engagements
    • Optimize Social Media Reach
    • Connecting Right Choices
    • Engaging Brand Statements
    • Share of Voice - Communicating
    • Showcase Brand Image & personality
    Channel Sales is important to your business, so much so that we offer services to act as channel consultants to interface with your clients on your behalf. Think of us as additional resources for your in-house marketing team.
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    channel strategy & Services:

    • Channel Integrations
    • Distribution Partners
    • Marketing Partners
    • Agent/Broker
    • Wholesalers
    • Franchising
    • Ecommerce
    • Retailing

    Digital Sale Optimizers

  • A successful product need right directive, not only the higher Monetary to promote. Unless the benefit of such a service can be communicated clearly to the target market.
    • How we help our Clients
    • set their digital agendas and priorities
    • build new and strengthen existing digital channels and experiences, including digitally enabled tools for the sales force
    • implement new or enhanced omni-channel strategies
    • build, operate, and transfer the digital capabilities required to succeed in a digital world

    How we Do ?

    1. CONSULTING: We work together to understand your business and to define your needs and requirements.
    2. DEVELOPING: Our team implements and optimizes the best web marketing strategy to achieve your goals.
    3. SUPPORT: We take care of the eCommerce process, from advertising and sales to logistics and customer service.
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    Every project begins with friendly, relaxed but in-depth client discussions, a firm brief of requirements, budgeting options and a review and analysis of industry competitors, relevant projects and references locally, nationally or across the globe.


    Business COLLABORATION SOLUTIONS: strong Initiation basis for a comprehensive SALES strategy.

    What we DO

  • Create and execute customized strategies to increase sales, reduce costs and initiate accountability ─ boost your profits and build a sustainable, empowered business.
  • Transform your leadership style to ignite your passion for your team and organization ─ develop your method to inspire others.
  • Build collaborative relationships among your employees to cultivate trust and implement change ─ educate and invest in your team as you would your business.

  • Precise Analysis

    • Key competitors Differentiation Analysis
    • Tactival Promotion of USP
    • Customer Experience Research & Analysis

    Attributes that are important: Where we incorporate ?

    • Corporate or divisional strategies
    • Approaches to specific strategic challenges
    • Team-oriented and customized as appropriate
    Tactical Part : Defined Initiation for a Integrated Marketing Communications - Brand Reputation.
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    Let's TALK

    Something’s not right with your business. You know it, your team feels it and maybe it’s trickling down to your clients too. Whatever issues you’re facing, let our friendly, smart, intuitive team give you the tools you need to elevate your business. Give us a call, send an email, or meet us out for coffee or a cocktail. Let’s collaborate to create a successful business!
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